There are so many things that I wasn’t told when I had my baby.

  • It’s lonely – it can be once baby arrives – It’s all fine when baby first arrives, everyone wants to meet baby and check up on you to see how you’re coping. That soon wears off and you’re left to it with barely even a message.


  • You seem to lose 95% of your friends – Pretty much a follow on from the above point. For me it started before I had even given birth. It’s sad when your priorities in life no longer suit ‘friends’ and instead of giving you some space, they take everything personally then drag your name through the mud and turn others against you. I kid you not…this happened when I was 38weeks pregnant. Such an awesome feeling…NOT. I know I’m not always the best friend and tend to get caught up in life, as we all do, but it doesn’t mean I don’t care.


  • People will judge you on face value and not care for facts – This isn’t just when you have children, I know, but it seems to get worse. I’ve had a few judgements cast when Milena decided to hit the coffee table with her face and when she had her cast on. It’s the kind of thing where you almost just want to stay at home rather than go out in public and have strangers glaring at you, clearly assuming the worse.


  • You no longer give a crap about how you look in public – Lies! I still do, just don’t feel like I have anything to prove. Comfort over style any day!


  • You always seem to feel like you could be doing better as a parent – I always feel that I’m not good enough, like I don’t do enough with her, like I can’t give her enough. I always feel so guilty if I get angry or annoyed at her.


But no matter how much this little human tests my patience I still feel an uncontrollable and unconditional love for her.

Who cares what other people think! You will end up in a dark hole like I have a few times, and still struggle to keep out of it at times.

The true friends will stick around no matter what, and I’ve made a few awesome mum friends along the way. Having kids is actually an awesome way of showing you who were real with you from the start.

A happy, fed and loved child is all that matters. Your child wont remember how many material things they had.

Testing you is how they learn and everything is a faze. Don’t sweat the small stuff, they’ll be leaving home before you know it.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.





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