With 24 days to go, I’m officially on maternity leave!

This wasn’t the plan at all, since I know the arrival date of our smallest creation, and only work part-time, I was going to work right up.

Seems like my body and this baby girl has other plans.

For weeks now I’ve have been experiencing excruciating back pain and sleeping is nothing less than shit. Every day nap M has, I’m straight to bed. Because of that my most productive time of the day seems to be after 8pm. My patience is non existent and my will to leave the house is pretty much the same. This little life seems to enjoy roundhouse kicking my ribs and head banging my nether regions. Braxton hicks have been in full force for about a week now and every one has me running to the bathroom in fear of wetting myself.

Definitely feeling rather glamorous at this stage….not!

Yesterday I decided to treat myself to a baby-free morning and get my hair done. I swear the last time I got it cut was before this one was conceived!  Always nice to treat yourself, after all, every spare bit of money somehow ends up being spent on these cute little humans.

Actually feeling slightly more glamorous now.

But to be perfectly honest I’m scared shitless of being cut open again. I’m also scared that she’ll decide she wants to enter this world earlier than planned and I will end up with another emergency C-Section. Although I know it won’t be anything like the last time, it’s still not what I’m mentally planning on in my head.

As much as I know I’m doing this for the right reasons and have come to terms with this is how it’s going to or could be, I’m still freaking out.

This is definitely not helping.

The upside of all of this is that I get to make the most of Milena being the only child before it turns into a complete mad house.

The count down is on!




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