38 weeks down and only 10 days to go! Well hopefully I make it 10 more days.

This week has most definitely been the roughest one yet.

Energy has been at an all time low, sleep is getting less by the night, bathroom stops every two seconds, patience…well, I have never really been an overly patient personally haha.

This tiny princess is sitting posterior, meaning her back is to my back. This is definitely not one of the most comfortable things I’ve felt. To top it off I’m more than sure she engaged yesterday. I went to cross my legs and felt sharp, searing pains down there. This isn’t something I’ve experienced before as Milena never fully engaged. It had me on the phone to my midwife making sure this was normal. I’ve been told to take it easy.

I really shouldn’t have done the weed-eating and lawns on Friday, but after sitting on my butt most of the week and seeing the state of them every day, I couldn’t help myself. I think that will be the last time I do them for a while.

My last blood test, which was about a week or so ago, came back this week with low iron. I’ve never been low in my life, even during my last pregnancy. Explains a lot though. Midwife told me to get Thompson’s Iron as it’s natural, actually derived from the mineral. Whereas the tablets I could get on a script are synthetic and can, and, more than likely will cause constipation……YAY……not really what I need at this point. Fingers crossed they will help me feel less shit in these last few days.

One thing I have been enjoying is spending all this uninterrupted time with Milena, even the days where she makes me want to tear my hair out. I honestly don’t know where my baby girl has gone. Everyday she amazes me by doing or saying something new. It blows me away how fast children learn. Her goofy smile and affectionate nature always brings  a smile to my face and a warmth in my heart. I almost feel guilty by bringing another baby into the mix so soon, but I know she will love having someone to dote on and eventually a playmate.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my long suffering fiancé. With the shit he’s put up with, not even just during pregnancy, I think he deserves a medal. Probably more than one….defiantly more. You are my rock. I don’t think the boyfriends, partners, fiancés, husbands, dads and stepdads get enough credit for the crap they deal with on the daily, still stick around, provide and treat their families how they should be treated. You guys are awesome!

Anyway that’s me for now.

One last midwife appointment left before the big day.

10 DAYS TO GO!!! Can’t wait to meet you baby girl.





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