I’ve just finished watching the first season of the series ’13 reasons why’.
A series about a girl who killed herself and the reasons that lead her to do it. This was seriously one of the hardest most real things I think I have ever watched.

I know for some people this is something that shouldn’t be watched for obvious reasons but for most this will be an insight into how what we do, what we say and how we act can really affect someone.

I know this sounds like something basic and that we should already know this as adults. But I do think we all get wrapped up in our own little worlds, that we really don’t think or even care how our actions and words, be it anything at all, small or big, can really be detrimental.

After watching I’m scared for my children. We work so hard to be the best we can be as parents, just to the pretty much throw them to the wolves and hope that they will be ok.

So here I am, trying to voice my opinion, in the hope that we can all remember the basic saying of, ‘do to others as you would have them do to you’.

I remember being at school and how cruel kids can be, how cruel I was. You just don’t think of the consequences when you’re young. You don’t think about what the other person is already going through. As parents we have a job, even a duty, to instill in our children consequences of their actions. We have a duty to treat them the way we would want to be treated. Reading the stories of kids that go and pick on or bully others, because they themselves have low self esteem from it happening to them at home, this makes me sick. I know this isn’t always the case for bullying at all, but it most definitely is something that needs to be talked about.

I know I have done things as a child, teenager and adult that I am not proud of. To anyone that reads this that has been effected by me or my actions, I am truly sorry.

I myself have been on the receiving end too. I was bullied at school and as an adult and I have had the feelings, like a lot have, that the world would be better off without me, that I’m worthless. That I’m nothing. But like many, have worked through it and now know what can set me off.

I now have a beautiful family that I would give my life to protect.

Not saying that we all don’t have these feelings throughout life at one point or another, but knowing what triggers us can help. We need to make our children feel like they can talk about things, about how they are feeling. It’s the not talking that can be the most detrimental.

This is why we need to be so mindful of how we act, about how something we say can have an impact on someone. I know in reality it doesn’t always work out so easily, but if we do something we know is wrong, apologizing is the best way to start to mend those bridges.

This sounds so primal, like it’s not even something we should need to talk about. But I think we all forget at times and especially in the cyber world we all live in. It’s so easy to hide behind a screen and not give a thought to what we’re saying.

In conclusion, think about consequences, say hello first, smile at strangers, be nice.

You never know how your actions could help someone’s day, even their life.


One thought on “The need to remember

  1. Lovely, thoughtful post Amy. I agree, do unto others as you
    would have them do to you, is an awesome philosophy. One we should all try to aspire to. Walking a mile in another persons shoes always should be taken into account before casting any judgement.


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