There are so many opinions out there about parenting and how we should or shouldn’t be doing it. From Plunket to friends and family to complete strangers. Everyone has to tell you how you are doing something wrong.

Here’s an idea, how about keep your shitty opinions to yourself? Unless I ask you for your advise I really just don’t want to hear it.

Here is the mum I am.

I’m that mum whose child is having a meltdown in the store and I walk away in the hopes she will follow. I don’t need you staring at me with that judgmental look of ‘why are you letting that happen?’, or ‘cant you control your kid?’.

I’m that mum who uses technology to keep my toddler quiet at times. From giving me a break in the morning while I get some more sleep while the 7 week old finally has a decent sleep. Or so I can finally have a sneaky shower to myself. Or so she stops having a meltdown while I’m out. I don’t need you glaring at me like I’m a bad or lazy parent. Would you rather my child scream while you are trying to have a quiet meal or coffee with your friend? I think not. And no she doesn’t live on it so don’t even go there.

I’m that mum that uses a dummy and doesn’t care what you think about it. If something works for you of your baby, do it.

I’m that mum that breast feeds her baby in public without giving a shit if it ‘offends you’.

I’m that mum who doesn’t care if your child is breast or bottle fed. At least your child is fed! Mums need to stop judging other mums on this matter. You don’t know the reasoning so keep your judgy comments to yourself.

I’m that mum that gives her toddler packet foods and occasionally McDonalds. No this is not all she eats so stop assuming, thanks.

I’m that mum that doesn’t need to hear that your baby is sleeping through the night. I would kill to actually get more than a couple of hours sleep at a time.

I’m that mum that is always going to be late. I really think this speaks for itself. Toddler + baby + lack of sleep = late.

I’m that mum that generally looks like she’s just rolled out of bed. As long as my kids look good I don’t really care. Lies, I do, but usually don’t have the time, effort or money to make that happen.

I’m that mum that appreciates the shit of her mum friends that actually care about her. You make an effort and I make an effort. Simple friendship expectations.

I’m that mum who is one ‘MUUUUMAAAA’ away from losing her shit.

I’m that mum that tends to be a shouty mum. I don’t mean to, but sometimes it’s so hard not to. I instantly feel guilty and try and figure out why. At this point lack of sleep, lack of food (as I just keep forgetting to eat at the moment), or just the 20month old constantly testing and pushing the boundaries. Yes I know this is what toddlers do, and I’m working on it, so keep quiet.

I’m that mum that swears in front of my children. If you say you don’t,
you’re lying. We all do it, it happens, get over it.

I’m that mum whose house isn’t always clean and tidy. I mean who really has time for that with kids??

I’m that mum that just wishes other mums weren’t so hard on themselves and on others.

We are all one step away from losing our shit, some just hide it a lot better than others.

We all do what we need to get through the days, weeks, months, years. Is it right? Maybe not. Are you perfect? Definitely not. Does it matter? Shit no.

Keep doing you mummas, tell another mum she’s doing awesome, it’ll probably make her day.

If your child is fed and happy your doing it right.


That mum

7 thoughts on “I’m that mum….

  1. This made me giggle because one of my kids was going absolutely bananas in a full tantrum in the store years ago. I walked several feet away acting like i was casually shopping because he was NOT going to win with that crap! A few moments later some strange lady starts to head his way with her “aww poor baby body language and outreached arms.” I turned on that woman and hissed “GET AWAY FROM HIM NOW” and I’m pretty sure that she peed herself a bit. I wasn’t worried about her taking my kid. At that point I probably would have passed him over to her myself if she would have accepted the “All sales final. No refunds or exchanges.” clause. I just didn’t want my bratty kid to beat me at the game. He survived. I survived. I don’t care if other people don’t get it. I love that you keep it real. Own it baby! I’m tired of people putting lives out there that aren’t their real lives. You go girl. 🙂

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