In light of world breastfeeding week, I’ve come across many posts with mothers defending their choice to either breast feed or bottle feed. Telling their story as if they feel obligated to defend themselves.

I’ve also seen many negative comments and people getting offended by other mothers decisions.

Seriously, this does my friggen head in.

Not all are given a choice, not all are able to cope mentally, some feed with ease, while others suffer trying to do what is deemed ‘best’. Then there are mothers who just plain don’t want to.

Since when do we have the right to judge other mothers on how they feed their children. Since when should mothers have to defend their decisions.

As if being a new mum or having a new baby added to the mix isn’t hard enough, we have to deal with exponential judgement. Judgement from other mothers.

I find it disgusting how people seem think it’s ok to sit behind a keyboard and think it’s ok to bring others down.

You don’t know what’s going on, you don’t know how much some wish they could breast feed, or how some have chosen to bottle feed for their mental health, which in my opinion, is more important when you have a little baby. You don’t know that sometimes a mothers breast milk doesn’t have enough nutrients. Sometimes it doesn’t even come in at all.

Mothers shouldn’t have to justify anything to do with how their baby is fed.


It’s so sad in this day and age that it is so easy for others to give their unwanted opinions. And that the people doing the worst judgement are other mums.

We all know that when it all works how it should breast feeding is the ideal way to feed your baby. Yes, it has been scientifically proven. Blah blah blah.

But why should it be rammed down mothers throats.

At the end of the day a baby with a full tummy is the best thing.

I was and am lucky enough that my body allows me to feed my children. Still breastfeeding isn’t a walk in the park either. From the initial struggle I had while I was figuring out how the hell I was meant to do it with Milena.
They say in your antenatal classes how baby is born and it just happens so naturally. Sure, just like how they also like to paint a beautiful picture of birth and how your birth plan will be what actually happens….righto. To the utter exhaustion from this tiny little life draining you of all your nutrients, trying not to eat your weight in food daily to keep up with it. To the leaking, to the possibility of mastitis. I had one experience of this with Milena. Thought I was getting the flu, achy body, massive headache, one of my boobs felt like I was going to explode. Yeah, good times really. Then there is the fact that your baby can only be fed by you, unless you want to pump. I’ve just introduced some formula as I have to work a full day one day a week from this week on. This means I will need to pump at work so I don’t end up dropping my supply, getting mastitis or leaking everywhere. I know I could just pump and store so she could be exclusively breast fed but I really cant be bothered and I don’t get much time alone and I don’t want to be pumping in the small amount of quiet time I do get. I’m going to continue to breast feed for as long as I can or as long as my body can cope. Or as long as I can deal with not being able to wear most of my clothes because I can’t feed out of them.

This isn’t me trying to justify or defend anything, this is my body, my baby and my choice.

Just like everyone else has their way.

This is mine.

The judgement of breastfeeding mums, bottle feeding mums or mixed feeding mums needs to stop. If we all empowered each other as much as we judge and try and to force opinions, the world would be a brighter place.


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