This is my take on 2 under 2 with a 22 month old and a 4 month old.

I thought I was busy with one child….boy I don’t know what on earth my problem was.

There are so many things that I took for granted when only having one child.

Getting ready with one – while longer than before a child, was relatively painless. Only had to remember one lot of things. One change of clothes, one size of nappies, one lot of food, one snuggly, one hat etc. Getting said child bundled up and into the car was a rather swift process. On a bad day it would take 10mins.

Getting ready with two – It’s like a constant sprint around the house. I always try to make sure the baby bag is 90% ready to go at all times but there’s always something missing from it. Someone is always needing something. Be it Anya deciding she is now hungry after refusing to take the boob when offered only 5mins before and that was 20mins after I was meant leave. Or getting them both finally into the car only for one pick that time to fill a nappy. Sigh…back out of the car. I’m now 40mins late.
Or I have forgotten to grab the exact toy or thing Milena was asking for before we got into the car. FML child, you already have a small mountain of toys/blankets/hats/shoes in the car. But ok I will run back inside for the 12th time. Lucky we have a garage with internal access!
Double check everything for the 5th time. Get back into the car, almost an hour late to find…
They are both asleep.

It’s not always this bad but it’s a good example of why I will never be on time again….ever.

Nappy changing with one – while never the most fun thing in the world, is usually a quick process and I know it wont need to be done again for a while.

Nappy changing with two – It never ends. You change one for the other one to explode five minutes later…right out of the nappy.

Washing with one – With just Milena it was somewhat easy (as much as it could be), to keep on top of her washing, sorting it out and putting it all away. I would usually sort it in a day or two.

Washing with two – I swear the mountain is unmovable. It’s a constant rotation on the clothes horses, the washing basket is only ever empty for a second before someone destroys another item of clothing. Now it piles up in Anya’s cot (aka cotdrobe) as she doesn’t sleep in it yet, only for the odd nap when it’s not full of clean washing. It’s there for days…weeks. I just sift through it to find what I need and keep adding more clean clothes to the pile. Sorting out all these different sized items into two different sets of draws and wardrobe is surprisingly time consuming.

How can two tiny humans create so much washing?!

Nap and sleep time with one – I really took how well Milena slept for granted. She slept though the night from quite early on, napped well as a baby and now 9 times out of ten will have a good couple of hours during the day giving me time to do something productive round the house or have a nap haha.

Nap and sleep time with two – Milena still sleeps well (thank god) but Anya is a complete different kettle of fish. She has never really slept overly well. Her day naps are inconsistent and short, her night sleeps are…well average at best. She has done less than a handful of 4 – 5 hour solid blocks in her short 4 months but on a whole has been nothing less than shit. I’m running on empty 90% of the time and am so sick of people asking if she is sleeping through and I’ve even been asked why not. GO AWAY! I WILL SNAP YOU LIKE A TWIG! 🙂

The juggle of attention is a big one.

Trying to give your attention to the one who needs feeding while the other one is melting down about god knows what this time. Or one has exploded for the 3rd time today and the other is throwing toys at you to play with them. Or both are crying and demanding to be picked up.

I’m finding 2 under 2 and being a stay at home mum 90% of the time a real eye opener. A huge test of patience and sanity. I’m always on my toes making sure everyone is fed, clean(ish), happy and safe. I’m all kinds of tired but I feel all kinds of love for these tiny humans.

I may be a hell of a lot busier with 2 under 2, but it’s 200% more rewarding.


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