Hey super mamas! How are you? Has anyone told you today that you are doing an amazing job? Because you are 🙂

This is a roll on of https://bringingupthebarbers.blog/2017/06/09/im-that-mum/

There are so many other things that I’m finding I am. Some might relate and some might think I’m just ‘that mum’.

But here we go…

I’m that mum who really is a very average cook. I mean I don’t find enjoyment in cooking at all. I cook to stay alive and keep my family alive. I see these other mums out there doing all these amazing meals and think I should try that. I never do.

I’m that mum that tends to open her mouth before thinking about what is actually coming out. I’m somewhat horrified at what falls out sometimes like, did I really just say that? I’m left there almost gob smacked at myself. I sound like such an idiot, or, that sounded really judgmental when that’s so not what or how I was trying to sound. Should I try take it back or just pretend it didn’t happen and hope you won’t notice…

I’m that mum who repeats herself. Constantly. Sometimes I will catch myself and think, OMG I have already told this story. I’m sorry, my brains mush and I don’t really have any other good stories at this point.

I’m that mum who has seen your message while trying to do a million other things and makes a mental note to reply later. A week later I realize I still haven’t. Honestly it’s not you, it’s most definitely me.

I’m that mum who feels like she’s aged 10 years since having children. My oldest is 2 next month….

I’m that mum who dreads having to take a toddler and a baby out to more than one place by myself. More because of the debacle of making sure I haven’t forgotten anything, the getting them in and out of the car, dealing with the inevitable meltdowns. The list goes on.

I’m that mum who takes a million photos to try and get that one good one. We all know how hard getting photos of kids are.

I’m also that mum who knows life isn’t picture perfect. I get over seeing these feeds with the most amazing perfect photos. Life isn’t picture perfect people. I love seeing those raw candid photos that show the truth of parenthood. This blog picture cracks me up. This is my life. I’m always off being distracted by something, Anya is looking cute as per and Milena is just being Milena.

I’m that mum who tends to hold back in a crowd. I’m not the one who will go out of my way to talk to other mums at playgroups. I don’t deal well with crowds or trying to make small talk. I’m not the ice breaker at all. I really appreciate those mums who see that and make an effort, even to just say hey. But as soon as I do get to know you I wont shut up. I don’t know what’s worse haha.

I’m that mum who has two children now but I almost feel like a new mum again. I feel like I’m doing things wrong and asking questions that I feel I should already know the answer to.

I’m that mum who doesn’t care if you give me a strange look because I’m talking to myself. You may not realize but some days that’s the most amount of adult conversation I’ve gotten.

I’m that mum who is surviving on sleep fumes and caffeine. Need I say more. If they come out with a coffee IV line any time soon, take my money!

I’m that mum who struggles with my mental health. Some days are fantastic, then the next I seem to wake up in a dark cloud. Getting out and about helps. Talking helps. Asking for help is key.

I’m that mum, who like most mums like to portray that I have it all together. Shit if that mum is really out there I’d love to meet her and give her a high five, while crying into my coffee and king size block of chocolate.

I’m that mum who always doubts my parenting abilities. Lets be honest I’m pretty sure we all do this.

I’m that mum who doesn’t have the energy for bullshit. You are either with me or you’re not.

I’m that mum that may not agree with how you are doing something but understands that it’s your decision and your family and if it works for you that’s fantastic. I’m not going to bring you down or tell you you’re wrong. Because it’s not going to affect me and it is most definitely not my place to.

I’m that mum who is sick of seeing mums bringing other mums down, namely on social media. I understand we cant like everyone or everyone’s opinions but we don’t need to voice these. This only hurts and makes us feel even more worried about what or how we are doing something.

We are all mamas so we should be uniting instead of dividing.

So here’s another shout out to all you mamas out there, keep on doing you mama, you’re doing just fine.


That Mum


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